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The Manufacturers Of Electronic Gadgets Are Advised To ‘Eliminate’ Child Labour From Their Gold Supply Chain


Increasing child labour issues in the gold mining industry that supplies the electronics manufacturers has become an imminent matter to be addressed.

Dailycsr.com – 27 December 2015 – New estimated figure shows that on a worldwide scale almost “more than one million children” labouring as minors in the “gold mining industry”.
Electronics manufacturers are the popular users of the gold that is being mined as it is used in making “mobile phones, computers and other consumer electronics”. On a yearly basis, the electronics industry sector needs “279000 kg of gold” which is worth “more than 10 billion euros”. Likewise, the said industry is the “third largest consumer of gold in the world”, which comes in line after the jewellery and financial sectors.
Moreover, the SOMO report, titled “Gold from children’s hands”, states that the problem of child labour in the gold mining is “getting worse”. The said report was “commissioned” by the “Stop Child Labour coalition”.
At present, the country of Mali in Africa has a growing number of children joining in the work of gold mine industry, whereby the head count has gone up ten times more “from 20,000 to 200,000 children”.
Furthermore, the coalition has accepted that the “electronics manufacturers” are not in support of child labour, although the complaint with the manufacturers lies in the fact that they “they do little” to put up “effective measures” so as to “eliminate” the child labour issue from the supply chains.
The “programme manager” at the Stop Child Labour, Sofie Ovaa states:
“It is time for these companies to deal with child labour in their entire supply chain and to look beyond conflict minerals”.
In a pledge in this “holiday season”, Ovaa urges the consumers to join in this endeavour “by signing” the petition available online.