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The Largest Chain Of National Hotel, Premier Inn, Adds MSC “Blue Ticks” On The Menu


Sustainable fishing at Lidl Italy & Premier Inn seeks MSC certification.

Dailycsr.com – 21 July 2017 – The Marine Stewardship Council, that indorses “sustainable fishing”, has awarded its certification to the Premier Inn, whereby latter turns out to be the “largest national hotel chain” in the world to have the said qualification, reports Brian Collett.
In every locations of Premier, totally, six hundred thirty five, that includes the “Beefeater, Brewer’s Fayre, and Table Table brands”, have the “blue tick” of MSC on “their menus”. Practically seeing, in the United Kingdom, there will an addition of “three million” chip and fish meals served “with the certification” annual, whereby around two thousand U.K. restaurants now possess MSC certification.
Premier is owned by Whitbread, the “biggest catering group” of Britain. In the words of Whitbread’s Sustainability Director, James Pitcher:
“It is becoming ever more important for the hospitality industry to operate a sustainable, traceable supply chain, and it is something we have been focusing on for a while now.
“Our customers expect us to do the right thing, so we are immensely proud to have achieve MSC certification for our restaurant brands”.
On the other hand, the chain of “German budget supermarket” present in Italy, namely Lidl, has around five hundred fifty two stores, whereby it has also made commitments of selling “more wild-caught fish and seafood and aquaculture products with sustainability certifications from the MSC”. Furthermore, the supermarket chain will also seek certification from the “Aquaculture Stewardship Council”, as well as the “Friend of the Sea” which is into “marine habitat” conservation.
In an announcement, Lidl Italy pledged to make an attempt in eliminating products that are “sourced” either from “illegal fishing” or areas that are overfished, or effects “endangered species and transshipment at sea”. While, Collett added:
“Additionally, it will try to avoid suppliers that disregard the welfare of their fish and seafood through the use of chemicals and antibiotics, and those that ignore human rights”.
A statement of the company read:
“Lidl Italy is committed through a new purchasing policy to promoting a more sustainable fishing to protect fish species and marine ecosystems”.