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The Future Of Business In China Lean Towards Sustainable Agenda.


Experts at “CRO Global Summit” 2018 look towards sustainability driven future businesses In China.

Dailycsr.com – 30 January 2018 – On January 25 2018, “SynTao, Mainland” along with the global exchange “local authority of Hong Kong as well as a “leading CSR professional body” celebrated the “CRO Global Summit” which dealing in sustainability marks the “the Engine of Future Business in Shanghai”.
During the summit discussions were held on various approaches of sustainability driven businesses of the future, while dealing in the implementing of Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs in the markets of China.
Here are the four topics forming the discussion agenda, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  1. “Achieving Healthy China 2030 - Create and Share Together. The “Healthy China 2030” blueprint is a general guideline to promote people's health in the next 15 years. This session will explore how the development of the healthcare industry is bound to gather strengths and explore the development of retailing, logistics, IT, education and other industries. To promote the development of the healthcare industry in China and to improve the public healthcare level, there is a need for guidance of well-established theories and support from relevant industries. The summit will invite experts to share practical experience and discuss the development tendencies of the ”Big Health" industry
  1. “New Trends in Sustainable Cities - Environmental Protection, Residence and Smooth Traffic. Smart cities, sustainable transportation, community building, real estate, automobile and financial industry demonstrate higher vibrancy in promoting sustainable development. The representatives will be invited to share their future urban development solutions together.
  1. “New Living Styles - Public Engage in Sustainable Consumption - Practices such as PET recovery plan, degradable zero-waste packaging, e-commerce pro bono and materials upgrading have been explored by retailing platforms and retailers. The summit will invite the most representative retailers and fashion enterprises to share their practices and ideas on sustainable consumption.
  1. “The Win-Win Solutions - New Technology and Application for the Business and the Society. The development of information technology allows the public to access information and interact in transformations better. The summit will invite top executives from innovative companies to share how science and technology promote the win-win solutions for the economy, society, and environment”.