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The First Glimpse Of ‘Summer Kickoff’ Event Organised By ‘Carnival Cruise Line and the Houston Texans’


The Summer Kickoff brings “some fun” and “smile on the faces of some special kids”.

Dailycsr.com – 30 June 2017 – For the first time ever, the event of “Summer Kickoff” was organised in collaboration of “Carnival Cruise Line and the Houston Texans”, wherein kids got to take part in a “variety of fun activities” at the Houston based “Havard Boys & Girls Club”.
During the event, Carnival Cruise Line also donated a sum of “$10,000” to the “Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston”. Furthermore, every time, any “Build-A-Bear Workshop” store sells a “Houston Texans Bear” in Houston during July 2017, one portion of each sale will be contributed to the “Boys & Girls Clubs”.
According to Carnival Corporation & plc.:
“During the event, Houston Texans players Jadeveon Clowney and Johnathan Joseph, hosted a variety of activities that taught gridiron fundamentals to kids. The youngsters also had a chance to create their own furry friends with an on-site Build-A-Bear Workshop experience, part of the many family-friendly activities available on Carnival’s ships which are expected to carry a record 800,000 children this year – the most in cruising”. 
Children were busy painting their faces, while the “Cherry on Top”, confection store offered “delicious goodies” for them. One could meet the “Houston Texans Cheerleaders” and even take photos together. A “Summer Kickoff passport book” was introduced with which participants were able to “track their activities”, while the ones completing task were recipient of a “special prize”. Carnival Cruise Line’s President, Christine Duffy noted:
“Our first-ever Summer Kickoff was a great way to team up with two of our favorite partners – the Houston Texans and Build-A-Bear Workshop – to bring some fun and put smiles on the faces of  some special kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston. Many thanks to Jadeveon and Johnathan for helping create some wonderful memories for these kids and their families”.
In the words of Joseph:
“It’s always fun to participate in events where I can bring my son and daughter. Carnival has done a great job bringing to life the activities their guests can experience on ship right here at this event. My son had a great time participating in gridiron activities while my daughter loved the Build-A-Bear Workshop activity – and all the candy, of course!”
While, the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President of “Carnival Cruise Line and the Houston Texans”, Kevin Hattery, said:
“We are very grateful for the support of Carnival Cruise Line and the Houston Texans. Carnival’s donation and the sale of Texans-themed Build-A-Bear furry friends will go a long way to support the many activities we offer the kids who participate in our after-school program.”