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The First Ever ‘World Recycle Week’ In Fashion Industry Is Knocking At The Doorstep


H&M along with M.I.A are all set to launch a sustainable movement in the fashion industry during the first “World Recycle Week”.

Dailycsr.com – 16 March 2016 – World Recycle Week is an “ambitious Garment Collecting movement” which falls under H&M’s “latest sustainable campaign” for which the retailer entered into a partnership with the “artist M.I.A.”.
The collection is scheduled to launch on the 18th of April 2016 and will last till the 24th of April 2016, whereby it will be the first ever fashion company to introduce “a global garment collecting program”. The aim of the said programme is to gather “1,000 tons of unwanted garments” from the customers, whereby the collection centre of H&M is spread across the world in “more than 3,600 stores”.
Through the said programme H&M tries to create a closed loop system in the fashion industry through garment recycling, whereby the company plans on fabricating “reusable textile fibers”. In an attempt to “raise awareness” towards the environment and carbon footprint, M.I.A will be coming out with “an exclusive new music video” in collaboration with H&M wherein the impact of clothing material “going into landfills” on a world-scale is emphasised. The same will feature on the 11th of April 2016 at hm.com making its premier.
H&M will initiate a “viral campaign” that will set forth a “global recycling movement” in motion, marking the “first ever World Recycle Week”. M.I.A will be seen starring in the video which will also being together a “diverse supporting cast” from different walks of life like “models, actors, dancers, and social media mavens”. The cast will come up on the “social channels” which will lead into the “World Recycle Week”, whereby “encouraging” people to take part in the “#HMrehaul video call to action”.
The #HMrehaul videos will feature customers on a global scale, who will be seen “filming the garments they intend to recycle”. Consequently, they will be filmed dropping off the same “at their local H&M store’s collection bin”.
In fact, the movement of collecting unwanted garments for recycling has been initiated by H&M back in the year of 2013, whereby customers have been welcomes to drop off “garments from any brand and in any condition” at the H&M stores.
From the collection point, the garments are sent for recycling; likewise, customers ensure that less garments turn into landfills. However, the customers in the United States also receive “15% discount” on their “next purchase” from H&M stores, if they take part in recycling, while:
“During the World Recycle Week period, customers will receive a 30% coupon as a thank you for their participation”.