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The Curious Case of Greece’s Money


Is Greece on the verge of budgetary fall, or would it be able to hold up a couple of weeks before being rescued? Not long from now from Monday, March 30 was exhibited as the last risk for an arrangement with the nation's loan bosses, evading the Athens default.

Yet President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said Tuesday, March 31 in Madrid that the circumstance in Greece remained "under control", while considering that an assent ion could be come to between Easter (April 5 for Catholics and April 12 for the Orthodox) and late April.

Wednesday 1st April to be held a "Euro Working Group", a circle that unites the pioneers of the Treasures of the 19 part nations of the euro range. Yet it ought to be just an advancement redesign on the continuous transactions, as indicated by the Brussels sources.

The Greek arrangement was discussed during the time by the gathering called "Brussels", comprising of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank, the European Union, the European Stability Mechanism and Greece it -even. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Greek government designated in late January, in a fractional discharge, ahead of time, help EUR 7.2 billion designations from which the installment is frequently put off since last September.

At the same time Europeans stay firm and demanded that any such choice is political and accordingly the obligation of the Eurogroup, that is to say, the 19 account pastors of the euro range, and not to the board .

Presently it creates the impression that staying focuses stay, including on the second rundown of proposed changes Friday, March 27 by Alexis Tsipras. In the first place purpose of difference, the general appraisal of the rundown of changes. Therefore, a senior euro zone Sunday, March 29 decided that the rundown submitted to the Brussels gathering was more an accumulation of thoughts that a task could be exhibited to the Eurogroup.

As far as concerns it, Germany, the biggest leaser of Greece said Monday that the new euro zone would discharge no support to Athens until the legislature of Alexis Tsipras would not have given a more exact rundown of changes and issued some of them into law.

The Greeks, themselves, accept their 20 change recommendations are encrypted.They left Monday fuiter a somewhat particular rundown of what had been put on the table: new macroeconomic conjectures for 2015, the basic change arrangements, expense changes, privatization extends, all appropriately scrambled and expected to bring 3.7 billion euros net every year.

Case in point, the battle against duty misrepresentation against fuel and liquor activity ought to every get 250 million income. Almost 800 million could be recuperated for this present year, as indicated by Athens, the assessment of concealed financial balances abroad.
The second purpose of contradictions is the VAT in tourism. The Greek government declines to increment from 6.6% to 13% today not punish this key part.

Privatization is another staying point. Other than the destiny of the port of Piraeus - which has been the subject of conflicting proclamations - the Greek government needs to offer resources while keeping the dominant part of shares not to lose control.

This up close and personal in the middle of Athens and loan bosses cannot go on perpetually: the administration must reimburse € 820 million in different receivables in April, of which € 460 million to the IMF and recharge 2.4 billion Treasury bills, while pivoting the state.

Falling flat an assent ion that would permit him to quickly get the 7.2 billion euros which the last portion of the normal European advances, Alexis Tsipras would like the European Central Bank raises the roof of 15 billion euros in bonds Treasury exceptional.  Also, might want to recuperate 1.2 billion euros from the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and 1.9 billion euros from the ECB.