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'The Connections Between Old Fashioned Play And Modern Technology’


AT&T attempts channelize the creative impulse in kids through Maker Camps.

Dailycsr.com – 19 July 2016 – The director of “Social Innovation” at AT&T, Anne Wintroub, writes that in San Francisco “‘making’ and ‘tinkering’ has become a rite of passage for kids”. Maker spaces are being built by schools and other public, while libraries are “hosting making workshops”.
In fact, parents of San Francisco, observes Wintroub, make sure that their kids join “the stunningly popular Maker Camps” that take place across the city during the summer time. According to Wintroub, these camps are totaly “worth” joining in. She recounts:
“...my now eight-year-old still remembers proudly the giant crocodile he built two years ago at a Maker Camp, and brags daily that he knows how to use a chop saw.  To him, making equals fun, and first and foremost that’s what it is.  But it’s also deeply empowering for young people, who learn through making to collaborate, evaluate and create”.  
The education community is more and more recognising the value of “The Maker Movement” that was celebrated recently by the White House. It proves to be an attempt in combining “traditional play with technology” which fosters the skill of solving problems in a collaborative manner through hands on approach. In fact, exposing students to the freedom of exploring, tinkering and creating brings a fresh take on education which inspires STEM careers.
In an attempt to celebrate and inspire innovation, the AT&T hosts a Tech Expo called “Shape”, scheduled to incorporate a “live Maker Camp for more than 500 kids” besides other activities. Wintroub continues:
“Through AT&T Aspire, we are working to bring virtual and in-person Maker Camps to kids all across the country. Our $250,000 contribution to Maker Media supports free resources available on the Maker Camp website for teachers, educators and parents. They combine the best parts of summer camp while stoking kids’ creative fires by exploring physics, basic electronics, construction, woodworking, programming, sensors and circuits.  Since 2012, Maker Camp has served over 1 million kids, with hopes to reach 1 million more. Currently, there are already some 600 Maker Camp affiliate locations set for this season, with the goal of 1,000 affiliates helping kids learn to love making”.
She also adds:
“To ensure the future success of our young people and our workforce, it’s important that we understand the connections between old fashioned play and modern technology. Everyone can make something. By helping students discover their ability to take things apart and put them back together, we’re helping to ensure the possibilities of what they can create are endless. From a giant crocodile, to the next tech sensation”.