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The Civic 50 To Return In 2019 With The New Set Of Corporate Community Builders


The Civic 50 bestows recognition on companies for their commitments towards the community and the society.

Dailycsr.com – 29 December 2018 – In the second week of December 2018, the “Points of Light” started the “The Civic 50 survey”, the latter being an annual event that selects the fifty “most community-minded companies” in the U.S.
This year, the said initiative of The Civic 50, has completed seven years and it continues to be a beacon that points towards “stronger corporate commitment to community through engagement, volunteerism, and social impact strategies”. The companies that have a revenue of “$1 billion or higher” and prioritises on “community-building, enhancing corporate citizenship, and delivering innovative employee volunteer programs” can take part in the “The Civic 50 survey”.
While, the chief executive officer at Points of Light, Natalye Paquin said:
“Points of Light recognizes the key role that businesses play as leaders in their communities and stewards of resources. We’re proud to continue working with leading companies in understanding how they continue to prioritize their impact on doing social good through their investments. As we see each year, the momentum is growing for more and more companies to focus on this work.”
The Civic 50 provides a “roadmap” for observing the trends across a period of time besides taking a note on “changes and leaders in corporate service”. The Civic 50 honourees of 2018 are showing the path of “prioritizing community-building and corporate citizenship” as leaders. Here are the findings from the “last year’s survey”, as mentioned by Points of Light:
  • 70% have taken national leadership positions on public education or policy efforts, while employees have volunteered more than 13 million hours.
  • Employee volunteer program participation is increasing, with 100% supporting individual and group volunteer recognition.
  • 60% measure employee engagement as a business outcome.
Describing The Civic 50, the Points of Light added:
“The Civic 50 survey is an initiative of Points of Light and is powered by True Impact, a web-based measurement tool and benchmarking network for the charitable sector”.
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