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The CSR Network In Colombia Welcomes Scania


The Swedish Embassy’s CSR network gets Scania to join the agreement in support of anti-corruption and transparency statements.

Dailycsr.com – 15 July 2015 – The Swedish Embassy established a network of the Swedish Corporate Responsibility in Colombia. The said network was then developed with the collaboration of “South American country’s Secretariat of Transparency”, which forms a part of the “Presidency of the Republic”. Moreover, it has also been reported that it was a first ever attempt “to make this kind of pact” in Colombia, the credit of which entirely goes to Sweden.
Sweden has a sustainable business framework to offer, whereby it has a vision of creating companies based on values. Moreover, the operation performed by them should be able to promote “sustainable development” concerning “economic, social and environmental areas”. The Swedish companies of Colombia have full support from the Embassy of Sweden on the sustainable development issues. In fact, the newly formed CSR network is particularly concerned with “four areas”, namely “human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption”.
The companies are to meet the standards and follow the guidelines set by the statements issued in the interest of “transparency and anti-corruption”. Consequently, the guidelines ask the companies to exhibit “zero tolerance for corruption”, whereby the Swedish companies will support the anti-corruption initiative. Furthermore, as per the guidelines the companies are to sworn a “commitment” of strengthening “tools” in favour of anti-corruption and implement programs that oppose corruption.
The managing director of “Scania Colombia”, Benoit Tanguy states:
“Scania has always had a focus on transparency in all its operations and that is why we immediately supported this declaration”.
The company of Scania is gaining global attention whereby attaining an international status. Consequently, the company is busy “developing business in new global markets”. However, in the midst of this victorious climb of success, the company strives to maintain the “same high standards” along with the prevalent processes, currently in practice, no matter where the company opens its branches for operational purposes.
In Scania’s “Sustainability Manager”, Andreas Follér’s words:
“Scania needs to set a good example of corporate responsibility wherever we operate in the world. I think it is very positive that Scania works in partnership with the Embassy and others with urgent areas like these”.
The name of Scania comes among the “leading manufacturers of trucks and buses” of the world. The company has carved a place for itself by providing best “heavy transport applications” along with “industrial and marine engines”. The customers of Scania are always promised the “cost-effective” transport solutions which will provide “maximum uptime”. Moreover, the service related products are gaining the major proportion in the company’s operational aspects, whereby it also provides “financial services”.
The total number of employment reaches almost 42,000 numbers of people. The company is currently operating in hundred different countries; although the activities that come under research and development are focused in Sweden. However, the production activities of the same are spread around in South America and Europe. The customers can also avail various facilities including “interchange of both components and complete vehicles” on a global basis.