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The CSR 2015 Report Of Woolworths Limited Gives a Glimpse Into Its ‘Sustainability Strategy’


The Australian company comes out with its CSR Report of 2015 which features the details regarding the commitments made by the company under “Sustainability Strategy”.

The CSR 2015 Report Of Woolworths Limited Gives a Glimpse Into Its ‘Sustainability Strategy’
Dailycsr.com – 05 March 2016 – The Woolworths Limited publishes its corporate social responsibility report for the year of 2015 which includes its “Sustainability Strategy” followed from the year of 2007 to the year of 2015, whereby the company has “successfully completed” thirty one key targets out of thirty four commitments made in the Strategy.
The highlights of the Woolworths’ CSR report of 2015 deals with various sections:
  • Australia's second largest private sector employer with more than 197,400 employees including 74,848 young employees under the age of 25, 18,000 older employees over the age of 55, 1,953 indigenous employees and 6,725 employees with a disability.
  • 39% of Woolworths' management positions are held by women.
  • $28.2 million invested in employee training.
  • 42% reduction in emissions from stores and distribution centres based on projected growth levels.
  • 60,000 tonnes of food waste diverted from landfill.
  • 246,660 tonnes of material recycled or diverted from landfill.
  • Palm oil in all own brand food products converted to certified sustainable palm oil.
  • 8,340 tonnes of certified sustainable seafood sold at seafood counters in Woolworths Australian Supermarkets.
  • $7.4 billion paid in wages and $2.4 billion in taxes.
  • $1.8 billion paid in dividends to shareholders.
  • $114 billion and 771,000 jobs in indirect contribution to the Australian economy.
While, the C.E.O cum the Managing Director of Woolworths Limited, Grant O'Brien said:
"The extent of our commitment is reflected in the fact that for a fifth consecutive year, Woolworths has been recognised as a Sustainability Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, Food and Staples Retailing sector. We are the only Australian retailer on the global sector leaders list.”
Woolworths is an Australia based company that was founded in the year of 1924. At present, it has become one of the “largest retailers” of the country and manages “some of Australia's most recognised and trusted brands”. The company strives to deliver a “world class experience” to its customers throughout its business chain.
Furthermore, Ethicalperformance informs:
“Woolworths has more than 3,300 stores across Australia and New Zealand, that span food, liquor, petrol, general merchandise, home improvement and hotels. Woolworths is a proud, home-grown Australian business, employer of more than 197,400 people and serving 29 million customers a week”.