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The Bus Depots Of Stagecoach Group Will Run By Solar Power


Stagecoach Group leads the way in capitalising upon existing structure and making a green future society by the use of renewable energy.

Dailycsr.com – 04 December 2015 – The Perth based Stagecoach Group plans on launching a solar panel installation programme in its various bus depots that are spread across the regions of the United Kingdom. The said installation will take place through a “power purchase scheme” which will be operated by REI meaning “Renewable Energy Investments” of U.K.
As per a statement given by a “regional director” of Stagecoach, Mr. Sam Greer:
"This is an example of how we can benefit from new technology at our existing sites to help minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and play our part in tackling the global challenge of climate change”.
According to the agreement REI is to sponsor the installation expenses for the solar panels, while the Stagecoach Group will make a “zero carbon electricity” purchase from the former. The said transaction will be availed at a “heavily discounted rate”. The agreement period stretches over twenty years, whereby upon its termination Stagecoach will be taking over the ownership of the entire system. In the words of REI’s Managing Director, Simon Booth:

"Our Solar Power Purchase scheme is ideally suited to organisations like Stagecoach who wish to preserve their own capital to invest in their core operational business, whilst recognising there existed a significant opportunity to reduce their electricity bills and cut carbon emissions”.
The first of Stagecoach’s bus depot with solar panels was the one at Chesterfield, wherein a total of “962 solar panels” have been installed. The next system is being installed at the “Daw Bank bus depot in Stockport”. According to the estimated figures arrived at by Stagecoach, the said endeavour will be saving “more than 3,000 tonnes of CO2” emission over a period of twenty years just after the completion of these two bus depots. Furthermore, it is also estimated that the same will be saving up to “£1.1m”.