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Teen Captains Are Brought Under ‘National Spotlight’ By ‘Major League Baseball Players Trust’


Teenage high school seniors dedicating some of their free time to serve their local communities express themselves through “Action Team PSA”.

Dailycsr.com – 21 November 2017 – For “changing the world for better”, two teenagers, Hishaam and Rachel, have chosen the way of volunteering. These two “high school seniors” are “Action Team Captains” who dedicated their hours of “free time” to volunteer for their local communities.
The said efforts have earned a “national spotlight” through “Difference Makers”, the latter being the “Action Team national youth volunteer program’s newest campaign”. On November 17, 2017, the Action Team launched “a series of PSAs and videos” starring the captains, Rachel and Hishaam.
Moreover, two videos of the series highlight “the commitment of hundreds of Action Team Captains across the country”. The current captain, Hishaam was inspired to join the Action Team by watching a similar “Action Team PSA”, whereby starting “an Action Team at his high school”. As Hishaam said in the video:
“The Action Team really allows you to become a leader and allows you to do more than just volunteer. It allows you to come together for a common cause and allows you to learn new skills in life.”
Hishaam created “Buddy Baseball” programme wherein along with his fellow volunteers, Hishaam teaches and plays “baseball with local special needs children”. As he added:
“Volunteering itself is really simple. All you have to do is find something that you are passionate about. Because if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you see it as something you want to do. You don’t see it as work or as something that is a burden. You see it as something that is joyful and fun to you.”
On the other hand, even being “beyond busy”, Rachel makes time for volunteering amid her school schedule and work as a baby sitter and in a “local pizza restaurant”. In Rachel’s words:
“I’m really busy and I know a lot of people in high school are really busy with everything going on. But just find one hour, where maybe you would be watching a TV show, to just give your time to someone else instead.”