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Tech Pals and Arrow Electronics: Enhancing Senior Lives with Affordable Tech


Elderly residents in Boulder, Colorado are participating in a research program that utilizes virtual reality (VR) for educational and enrichment purposes, thanks to the backing of Arrow Electronics. This initiative, dubbed VR Silver, is the brainchild of Tech Pals, a non-profit organization from Colorado that aims to enhance the quality of life for seniors through technology.

The workshops are a joint effort between Tech Pals, the Age Well Center, and the City of Boulder, with the goal of establishing effective methods for providing VR experiences to seniors, irrespective of their financial situation, physical constraints, or geographical location.
The program offers a variety of lessons and experiences such as scuba diving, fishing, Tai Chi, nature walks and light saber swordplay. Tech Pals is also examining the potential benefits of VR including physical activity, cognitive engagement, pain management, stress relief and neurorehabilitation.
“Arrow’s support makes a profound difference in the lives of older adults, allowing them to embrace the wonders of technology and discover newfound possibilities,” said Tech Pals President and Founder Leah Baum.
Since 2019, Arrow Electronics has been a patron of Tech Pals. In the past, Arrow assisted the nonprofit in enrolling economically disadvantaged seniors for cost-effective internet services. They have also distributed hundreds of complimentary Chromebooks to the elderly and provided them with technological training and support for their devices.
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