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Tata Power’s Maithon ‘Gyan Jyoti Kendra’ Conducts Safety Training For Its Workers


The “Gyan Jyoti Kendra” training programme on safety issues arranged by Tata Power spreads awareness among the local communities.

Dailycsr.com – 22 October 2015 – The biggest “integrated power company” of India, Tata Power, ensures safety as one of its “core value”. Likewise, the company has always shown its sincere commitments in this field whereby making communities, that are situated around the company’s “operational areas, a safer place to live in.
Keeping the line of commitment alive, Tata Power’s Maithon Power has initiated a “Gyan Jyoti Kendra” for training “contract labour, staff, Hyva drivers and helpers”. Tata Power’s Maithon Power is a collaborative project number “74:26” that has been undertaken with Damodar Valley Corporation. The Gyan Jyoti Kendra training sessions are held within the “office premises” of MPL. In fact, under the same training initiative, the company has conducted “a safety training programme for Hyva drivers and their helpers”.
Over time, Tata Power has had “trained over 200 drivers” under the “safety training programme” of the company. Through these training schemes the company of Tata educates drivers about the “norms of safe driving” whereby encouraging “best practices” so as to keep avoid road mishaps as much as possible. The participants received “detailed safety training modules”.
During the course of the training, the participants were encouraged to by “sharing” various case studies “on safety” precautions taken while driving. Moreover, they were also given safety tips and “loading procedure” along with guidance on “economical driving” in order to raise “fuel efficiency”.
Furthermore, the participant drivers are instructed to carry out various “daily checks” that can prove helpful in reducing the “operational and maintenance” charges of the vehicle. Through these programmes Tata Powers aims to brings in a behavioural change whereby making the participants more aware on the needs for these safety measurements. The Chief Executive Officer of MPL, K Chandrashekhar commented:
“Road safety is a major issue in India. We as an entity feel it is significant to train our drivers all the modern safety measures to avoid any kind of accidents. We are extremely happy to see the enthusiasm amongst our people which makes us conduct such training programmes frequently through our experts. Safety is a core value of the company and we have always strived hard to achieve the highest standards of safety in every aspect of our operation”
While BusinessWire writes that:
“MPL conducts such safety training programmes on a regular basis to ensure that the drivers are thoroughly trained on the stipulated safety measures set by the company. On an average, MPL conducts three such camps every month”.