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Tata Power Takes Another Step Towards Fulfilling Its Ecological Commitments


The latest action undertaken by the Tata Power as a reply to the request from the fishery’s director re-affirmed its commitment towards ecological sustainability.

Dailycsr.com – 25 September 2015 – The largest “integrated” Power Company of India, “Tata Power” lived up to its commitments “towards saving the mighty Mahseer” whereby the company dispatched “a consignment of 20,000 Mahseer seeds” to the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The request of the delivery of Mahseer seeds came from the Himachal Pradesh’s “director of fisheries”. The plan has been made that the fish will be grown in the hatchery till they attain the “size of fingerlings”. Once they are of the desirable size, they will be “released in various water bodies in Himachal Pradesh by the fisheries department”.
This initiative has been undertaken by the company of Tata Powers under the ‘Act for Mahseer’ sustainability programme. The aim of the said programme is to conserve the endangered species of Mahseer. It has been now six years that the company has been involved in “the ecological development and preservation of natural resources in Western Ghats”. Keeping the core focus of ‘care for environment’ and ‘care for community’ upon which stands the ideal of sustainability, Tata Power took up the pledge of “conserving the Mahseer”. The fries were carried from “Maharashtra to Himachal Pradesh” whereby a “40-hour journey” was undertaken, before which they fries “were checked for size”.
The C.E.O cum the Managing director of Tata Power, Anil Sardana talked about the said initiative, whereby he added:
“As part of Tata Power’s centenary initiatives, we have reinforced our commitment to Mahseer conservation initiative, which was pioneered by Tata Power in 1975. Till date, the company has produced and distributed in various water bodies, seeds in excess of 10 million fishlings of Mahseer all over India, and we continue to do so, like in the case of Himachal Pradesh, in order to conserve ‘the tiger of the water’.”
Moreover, the initiation known as ‘Act for Mahseer’ has been design to create awareness in public so that they learn more “about the mighty Mahseer” and lend their hand in the preservation of “this valuable fish species in a big way at national level”. Moreover, the initiative has been an instrument for “public campaign” and “has been launched with a three-pronged approach to educate, engage and empower Mahseer lovers”.