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Take The ‘#8or8 Challenge’ Under ‘Pantene Beautiful Lengths’, Urges Selena Gomez


Pantene Beautiful Lengths introduces the “#8or8 Challenge” to help the women who are cancer victims.

Dailycsr.com – 14 September 2015 – The official launch of Pantene’s “#8or8 Challenge” has been announced by the company whereby the initiative is to benefit the programme of “Pantene Beautiful Lengths”. The ambassador of Pantene, Selena Gomez, was also present at the programme, wherein she urged her fans to ‘choose their 8’ whereby to either donate a sum of “$8” each or to donate eight inch of hair which will be collected and made into wings of real-hair for the women who are cancer patients and have “lost their hair due to” the treatment.
The said programme has been active from the year of 2008 and has been providing “real-hair wigs” for free to women suffering from cancer as a sign of support in the “toughest fight of their lives”. The “#8or8 Challenge” is yet another feature in the growing wing span of the programme which involves more women on a nationwide scale to help the cancer patients with “the gift of a real-hair wig”. The figure eight has been particularly chosen given the donation of “800,000” ponytails till date. Moreover, in order to create a wig a minimum number of eight ponytails with a minimum length of eight inch each is required.
In the ambassador, Selena Gomez’s words:
“Pantene Beautiful Lengths helps women with cancer feel better about themselves. I love that you can support the cause in a variety of different ways with the #8or8 Challenge.”
The launch of “#8or8 campaign” has a result of a survey conducted by “Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines” in collaboration with Pantene. It was an attempt to fathom the “lifestyle and attitudes” of today’s teens and millennial towards charitable causes. It was, therefore, revealed that both show interest in a cause for two reasons, either they benefit from it or the target group gain a “direct benefit” from their support. Keeping these information in mind “Pantene Beautiful Lengths” tries to do exactly the same thing, whereby “tangible gift of a wig” for the “women undergoing cancer treatment” are reason enough for the donors’ response more positive, while the done begin to “feel more confident, beautiful and stronger”.
There are a few easy step s to follow for those who are interested in joining the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign, which are as mentioned below:
  • Charitweet: Donate via Twitter by retweeting @Pantene’s “Charitweets” on September 8th for instructions on how to donate to the cause.
  • One Today by Google: Visit the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund page here.
  • Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund: Donate via The Greater Cincinnati Foundation here.
  • Donate Your Hair: September 8th is also National Donate Your Hair Day! To donate hair, simply go to your local salon, measure a ponytail of at least 8 inches and make the cut. For full instructions, visit www.beautifullengths.com.
  • Challenge Your Friends: Share your donation and encourage your friends to participate in the #8or8 Challenge by using #8or8 and #BeautifulLengths hashtags, tagging @Pantene.
Procter and Gamble’s ‘North American Hair Care and Color’s’ vice president, Jodi Allen, remarks:
“Hair donations have always been at the heart of this program and will continue to be, but we thought to ourselves, ‘What if we could do more?’ With the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund, anyone who wants to support the program can do so and we encourage everyone to help us create even more wigs than ever before by joining the #8or8 Challenge.”