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TUC Urges UK Government To Support EU’s Endeavour


The occupational health risks have been addressed to some extent by the EU, whereby helping workers, however, the risks according to TUC do not end yet.

Dailycsr.com – 25 March 2016 – The United Kingdom’s workers who have received a wide range of safety and health benefits from the European Union membership. The latter delivered help in the health related matters and the TUC urges that the government needs to continue with its support and keep the “European process” within its circle.
The TUC also shows an acknowledgement towards the difficulty in summing up all the lives that were saved by the EU legislation besides preventing many illnesses from taking the worst hold of the situation. The said acknowledgement appeared in a “briefing paper on the implications of Brexit for occupational health and safety”.
Pointing towards the “Brexit risks to health and safety”, TUC mentions that when “the Framework Directive on Safety and Health at Work” had just begun, the worker fatality count had amounted to about three hundred sixty eight, whereby highlighting on its warnings.