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TD Plays The ‘Lead Joint’ For Canada’s ‘Largest Green Bond Issuance’


TD’s role in the market of green bonds seem to be “significant” one.

Dailycsr.com – 13 March 2017 – On the 26th of January 2017, TD Securities was a “joint lead” in the third of “Province of Ontario’s” which also happens to be the largest at “$800 million” in “Canadian dollar green bond to date”.
Within a span of seven years, the market for green bonds have grown up with a ‘boom’, whereby marking over “$150 billion in issuances” from the year of 2010, reported Bloomberg. TD has been part of two of Ontario’s green bond, which leaves a strong commitment of TD for “supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy”.
In the year of 2014, TD, as the first commercial bank of Canada, issued “a green bond”. Moreover, it turns out to be an important player of the “green bond market” which took part in “$7.54 billion (CAD) of green bond underwriting” since the year of 2010. The Green Bond of TD has been aligned with the “International Capital Market Association's Green Bond Principles”, while the three year bond’s proceeds of “$500-million” have been distributed various projects. Here is a list of those activities, as mentioned by the Ethical Performance:
  • Renewable energy generation: investments that help supply energy from renewable and low carbon sources.
  • Energy efficiency and management: investments that help reduce energy consumption or help manage and store energy.
  • Green infrastructure and sustainable land use: investments that support conservation, sustainable land, waste or management and enhance climate resiliency.
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