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TD Bank Group Is Close To Reaching The Goal Of Planting ‘300,000’ Tress


Working in collaboration with employees, volunteers and communities to turn the environment greener.

TD Tree Days is an “urban greening grassroots program” of TD Bank Group, whereby it is proudly advancing towards its aim of “planting its 300,000th tree this year”. The programme was launched in the year of 2010. Since then the bank has involved itself with “community organizations across Canada, the United States and Europe” and brought its employees, “their families and friends, and community members” to work to “make a difference in their communities”.
Till date, the programme has planted “over 285,000 trees and shrubs”, a step to make communities greener and healthier, whereby increasing the bio-diversity of public places. More than “9,000 volunteers” came together last year to take part in “over 160 community events”.
Green public areas fosters “healthy communities” and contributes towards better environment. More trees grow, more they absorb carbon-dioxide and helps to mitigate climate change. According to Ethical Performance:
“Approximately 140 tonnes of C02 has been sequestered by the trees and shrubs planted through TD Tree Days since 2010, equaling roughly 335,532 miles driven by an average vehicle in one year, or more than 100 times the distance across the United States. Trees also help to regulate temperatures, filter water and reduce noise pollution in urban areas”.