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T-Mobile’s Relief Efforts and Updates for Wildfires in Maui


T-Mobile’s emergency teams are working to restore connectivity in Maui and provide support to first responders, agencies, officials, customers, and communities. Over the weekend, they accomplished the following:
  • Restored connectivity in Kaanapali and Haleakalā and continued to assess impacted sites.
  • Arrived at the Maui Emergency Operations Center to assist first responders and agencies.
  • Extended benefits to all Maui customers until August 21.
  • Added more organizations to the text-to-give campaigns.
  • Supplied evacuees and emergency personnel on Oahu with essentials; a team is en route to Maui.
Network Update: T-Mobile’s Emergency Management team has restored connectivity in Kaanapali and Haleakalā, including the FEMA center in Kaanapali. The team has deployed generators and VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals) to restore connectivity where the fire has damaged local fiber connections and commercial power outages are affecting permanent cell sites. Additional microwave and satellite equipment is expected to arrive in Maui today, with the team focusing on providing connectivity to Maui’s west coast.

First Responders Update: Our Emergency Response Team is stationed at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Maui, collaborating with the Maui Emergency Management Agency, police, firefighters, emergency medical services, search and rescue, FEMA, and other federal agencies to determine network priorities that will facilitate critical communication for first responders and other frontline personnel.

Concessions Update: We are extending benefits to all Maui customers who are not already on unlimited plans. All T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Assurance Wireless, and Magenta Prepaid customers with Maui addresses will receive unlimited talk, text, and data until August 21.

Text-to-Give Donations Update: We have included more organizations in the previously announced text-to-give options. T-Mobile customers can donate $10 by texting the organization’s keyword to the number below, which will add a one-time $10 donation to their T-Mobile bill. T-Mobile will also match employee donations to the American Red Cross 2:1 until August 31.
  • American Red Cross: Text HAWAII to 90999
  • Hawaii Community Foundation: Text WILDFIRES to 501501
  • The Salvation Army National Corporation: Text WILDFIRES to 52000
  • Information Technology Disaster Resource Center: Text CONNECT to 20222
T-Mobile’s Community Support team is currently in Oahu, providing essential supplies such as device charging, portable battery packs, and charging cables to evacuees and emergency response personnel in Maui. The team is scheduled to arrive in Maui today.

Update: August 11, 2023: Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the devastating wildfires that ravaged the west side of Maui. This is a complex and fluid situation, and our teams are working tirelessly to provide support to the community.

Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile, expressed his sorrow at the destruction caused by the wildfires, particularly in historic Lahaina. He emphasized the importance of connectivity in such situations and commended the efforts of the teams working around the clock to provide support to the community.

Network Update: The fires have destroyed local fiber and disrupted commercial power in many areas, affecting our service. Despite limited access to our sites and challenging conditions, we are closely monitoring the situation and collaborating with local authorities to implement short-term temporary measures and long-term restoration of critical communication as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Our Emergency Management teams and engineers are setting up critical temporary wireless equipment as quickly as possible.
  • Our emergency teams, heavy-duty trucks, and generators are on the ground in Maui, ready to deploy equipment and set up and refuel generators at sites without commercial power as safety permits.
  • Portable cell equipment (a COW or “cells on wheels”) has arrived in Maui from Hawaii. We are working with local emergency agencies to determine the best location for placement. We have also redirected one of our wireless sites on Lanai to provide coverage for calling and texting in the hardest-hit area on Maui.
  • VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals) and fastback equipment, portable solutions that provide wireless service, are en route and expected to arrive this weekend.
  • Additional microwave and satellite solutions will arrive over the weekend, along with long-range microwave assets arriving next week.
First Responders: Our Emergency Response Team is in regular communication with officials in Maui to support emergency personnel and the community and restore wireless service as quickly as possible. We will continue to work with FEMA, the State of Hawaii, and other critical agencies.

Community Support Update: T-Mobile’s Community Support team is en route to the Hawaii Convention Center on Oahu, which is serving as an assistance center for Maui residents and visitors. The team will collaborate with the American Red Cross to provide evacuees and personnel with critical supplies such as device charging, portable battery packs, and charging cables. They will move to Maui as soon as it is safe.

Concessions Update: T-Mobile’s prepaid customers in Maui, including Metro by T-Mobile, Assurance Wireless, and Magenta Prepaid, will have unlimited talk, text, and data until August 14.
T-Mobile customers can support emergency organizations in Maui by making a simple “text-to-give” donation of $10 to the American Red Cross. To donate, text “HAWAII” to 90999, and a one-time donation will be added to your T-Mobile bill. All funds will go directly towards providing critical services such as opening shelters, providing food, safe lodging, and emotional support to evacuees. T-Mobile has also extended its 2:1 matching for employee donations to the American Red Cross.

Employees: We are working with our teams to understand the direct impacts on our local employees and provide support during this difficult time, particularly to those who have been displaced from their homes. We have also implemented measures to provide compensation coverage for our retail teams.

August 9, 2023: We are deeply saddened by the wildfires currently raging across Maui in the Lahaina, Kihei, and Kula areas. Our thoughts are with those affected, and we are working quickly to provide support to customers, communities, and first responders.

Network Update: Our Emergency Management Team is closely monitoring the fire and is prepared to deploy portable satellite and microwave solutions to restore service in impacted areas when it is safe. Travel in and around the island and impacted areas is currently restricted, but we are ready to respond as quickly as possible.

At present, our cell sites are holding up well during the fires. However, commercial power outages may be affecting service for some customers. As soon as conditions permit, our priority is to deploy teams with portable generators to restore temporary power to our sites.
As an alternative, customers with a home Wi-Fi connection may be able to use Wi-Fi calling.

Helping First Responders: T-Mobile’s Emergency Response Team is working with FEMA and the state of Hawaii to support firefighters and other first responders, organizations, and communities. We will continue to engage with state and local officials and offer support. Agencies requiring communications assistance can contact our 24-hour emergency hotline at 888-639-0020 or email ERTRequests@T-Mobile.com.

Customer Concessions: For customers not on unlimited talk, text, and data plans, we are offering unlimited talk, text, and data from August 10 through August 14 in the following zip codes: 96708, 96753, 96761, 96767, 96768, and 96790.

Retail Stores: Our T-Mobile retail store in Lahaina is currently closed. Please check if your local store is open here.

More Information: As the fires spread, evacuations may continue. Please follow any orders issued by local authorities to stay safe.