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Sysco’s Drive-Through Grocery Service Is A Call Away Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Delivering essential items to customers during coronavirus crisis while also supporting the employees.

Dailycsr.com – 11 April 2020 – The coronavirus outbreak has forced restaurant operators all over the country to stop “dine-in services and grocery stores” while stressing about “product offerings”. Sysco is a restaurant supplier which has come out with an “alternative, temporary, business model” during the crisis hour so that its customers can purchase “essential pantry items”.
Sysco has started a pilot initiative called “Scooter South 40” as a part of “pop-up-shop” programme. Through this initiative they sell “gloves, dish soap, toilet paper” along other essentials items while they also have sorcery items like “sugar, peanut butter, eggs and bread”.
The orders can be placed through calls as the customers can contact the Broken Arrow Bar at “918-451-0200” while the pick can either be through “drive-through window” or the items could be home delivered without any cost.
Moreover, the bar has also offered its menu under this initiative in case people would like to avail cooked meals. The Scooter South owner informed that filling orders have kept them busy for sometimes now which also gives him the opportunity to keeping running his business while helping the employees and the community at large. Furthermore, Sysco informed:
“Sysco Pop Up Shop has the inventory for you to offer to your customers, to meet the needs and demands that they are not finding at the local grocery store. Sysco Pop Up Shop products vary by location but will include essential commodities such as eggs, condiments, bread, toilet paper, and paper towels to provide nourishment and a sense of reassurance in your community..”
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