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Swift Crisis Recovery: ekō Villages of Hope Provide Efficient Housing Solutions


Swift Crisis Recovery: ekō Villages of Hope Provide Efficient Housing Solutions
ekō Solutions, a division under Land Betterment, specializes in offering an extensive range of housing solutions suitable for commercial, recreational, residential, and crisis recovery purposes. These solutions are ingeniously crafted using repurposed shipping containers, contributing to sustainability and energy efficiency. The marriage of modern design and utility is evident in these structures.
For Commercial Use
ekō Solutions presents a diverse selection of designs that can be tailored to fulfill both mobile and stationary requirements. The repurposed shipping container units, available in sizes ranging from 10 to 40 feet, serve various functions, including:
  • Mobile Retail Containers
  • Temporary Office Spaces
  • Portable Restrooms (Porto-containers) suitable for both mobile and permanent setups
  • Versatile Multi-Use Spaces
  • Efficiently equipped Kitchens
  • Catering to Recreation:
ekō Solutions' recreational units encompass an array of options such as compact residences, campsite and park models, hunting blinds, and more. Notably, the Gateway model, accessible for Airbnb rentals, provides a comprehensive homely experience within a compact space. This is a prime choice for enthusiasts of petite homes or nomadic campers seeking the comforts of home on the move.
Residential Endeavors
ekō homes are meticulously designed to offer superior quality, sustainability, durability, and affordability for temporary to extended tenures, all while being remarkably customizable. The distinctive sustainable artistry of these homes sets them apart from conventional alternatives. Key features of the available models encompass:
  • Agora and Tide models, offering a spacious 320 square feet with an open layout comprising a studio or one-bedroom setup, inclusive of a bathroom, kitchen, and seating area.
  • The Two Company model spanning 480 square feet across 2 stories, incorporating 2 bedrooms with an upper deck, bathroom, kitchen, and seating area.
  • The Loggia model, sprawling over 640 square feet, providing 2 studio bedrooms, a bathroom, and a bespoke kitchen island.
  • The Atlas model, a generous 1,280 square feet arrangement encompassing 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, and a living space.
Emergency Recovery
In the aftermath of a natural calamity, housing emerges as an intricate and paramount challenge, second only to medical care, food, and water. Collaborating with local community leaders, churches, charitable foundations, and sponsors, ekō takes proactive steps to swiftly introduce ekō Villages of Hope into distressed communities seeking immediate shelter solutions. These Villages of Hope stand as secure and effective residential options, offering solace to those affected during trying times, facilitating the first steps toward recovery and progress.
The construction procedures of ekō Solutions residences are meticulously aligned with both national and state building regulations, ensuring that these homes not only adhere to standard codes but also uphold top-tier quality. Employing a uniform approach and stringent quality assurance protocols, these structures are manufactured within a controlled environment, with an impressive capacity of up to seven units per week.

Throughout the construction process, meticulous attention is dedicated to every detail, spanning from the choice of faucets to the strategic placement of electrical outlets. Benefitting from their previous existence as ocean shipping containers, ekō homes are inherently designed to withstand transportation, thereby guaranteeing their alignment with building standards and codes.
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