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Sustainable Supply Chain Leadership: A Journey of Resilience and Impact at Schneider Electric


Sustainable Supply Chain Leadership: A Journey of Resilience and Impact at Schneider Electric
Exploring New Frontiers 
Upon joining Schneider Electric in 2011, I never foresaw the array of opportunities awaiting me. Initially serving as a manufacturing supervisor at the Monterrey Design Center Model shop, I honed my skills in industrial machinery, scheduling, and materials management. However, an innate curiosity to delve into different realms and experience work in another country propelled me towards a role in Supply Chain.
Little did I realize the profound impact this decision would have on my professional journey and personal development.
Venturing into the Unknown: The French Expedition 
Through the 'Marco Polo Program', an initiative tailored for high-achieving young professionals, I embarked on a new chapter in France, assuming the role of a Supply Chain leader for the Offer Creation process in Power Products. The challenges were formidable, spanning language barriers and grappling with intricate supply chain concepts, alongside the task of training my team. Yet, through unwavering determination, diligence, and countless hours of study, I not only adapted to my role but also mastered supply chain management and planning tools.
Embracing the French experience wholeheartedly, my husband and I even ventured into snowboarding, drawn by the proximity to the French Alps. This endeavor resulted in a fractured elbow midway through the season but left us with indelible memories.
Returning to Familiar Grounds: North American Sojourn 
Following two transformative years in France, the time arrived to journey back to North America. I seized an opportunity in Nashville as a Sales Inventory Operations and Planning Leader, further enriching my expertise in Supply Chain. The path of growth continued, culminating in my role as the North America Supply Chain leader.
Fueled by a passion for education and research, I opted to participate in one of Schneider's career advancement programs. Leveraging my skills, I sought to effect meaningful change. This program, centered on employee development, not only fosters career progression and broadens exposure through training and sponsorship but also fosters connections with influential business leaders.
Promoting Sustainability in the Supply Chain 
One of the most fulfilling experiences I've had was spearheading the launch of Schneider's new low-voltage switchboard, FlexSet, in North America. Throughout the supply chain design process for this product, my focus remained on sustainability initiatives, such as utilizing returnable crates and eco-friendly packaging.
The potential for implementing environmentally conscious practices within the Supply Chain is vast, ranging from selecting regional suppliers to curbing CO2 emissions, optimizing logistics, and minimizing waste. Supply Chain presents a unique avenue to contribute to building a more sustainable world.
Impact Beyond the Workplace 
At Schneider Electric, I take pride in my involvement with the Hispanic Employee Resource Network, where I serve as the Director for Outreach activities, encompassing donations and volunteer work. Through the Schneider Electric Foundation, we've extended support to the nonprofit organization ECE (Equal Chance for Education), offering scholarships and opportunities to DACA recipients. Witnessing the positive impact we have on marginalized communities and observing ECE graduates join Schneider Electric fills me with profound pride.
Resilience, Adaptability, and Triumph 
Throughout my journey, I've encountered numerous challenges, both technical and interpersonal. From navigating difficult conversations to managing sizable teams and mastering new languages and software, I faced a spectrum of hurdles. However, through resilience, adaptability, and sheer dedication, I overcame these obstacles and attained personal and professional success. I've come to understand that hard work alone isn't the sole determinant of success; it must be complemented by focus, passion, and a readiness to embrace change.
Reflecting on my evolution into a Supply Chain leader at Schneider Electric, I'm grateful for the opportunities, growth, and impact I've encountered. I've learned that diligence pays dividends and it's crucial to recognize that progress might not always follow a linear trajectory. Much like a skilled chess player, it's essential to identify what you enjoy and construct your vision, while remaining open to the possibility of evolving goals. If you had asked me about my career aspirations a decade ago when I joined Schneider, my response would have likely differed from the reality I inhabit today. Therefore, my advice to you is to remain receptive to new opportunities and keep your options open.