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‘Sustainable Mobility Operations’ Earns Climate Action’s Recognition


AEG’s effort in reducing carbon emission through “sustainable mobility operations” has been held as an example in the battle to save the environment.

Dailycsr.com – 27 January 2018 – The United Nations Environment Programme, shortly called UNEP, has an “international contracted partner” called Climate Action, whereby the latter is the “foremost body” in the world that looks into “environmental protection and stewardship”.
Moreover, “StubHub Center” of AEG as well as “Los Angeles Convention Center” received recognition from Climate Action for their “sustainable mobility operations” along with their “influential role” in the sports sector through “an infographic” in the “latest newsletter” of Climate Action.
The infographic gives a demarcation of the challenges faced in the “reducing carbon emissions” and enlists “AEG venues” as an exemplary solution along with “LACC’s public transport subsidies for staff and its employee bicycle ridership program” and “StubHub Center’s free shuttles for visitors at select events”. AEG’s vice president of energy and environment, John Marler, said:
“At AEG we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our direct and indirect environmental impacts. We recognize that the way in which employees and guests get to and from our venues impacts the environment, and we’re proud of both StubHub Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center for their continued efforts in providing alternatives to reduce those impacts”.