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Sustainable Farming Is A Door Way To ‘Low Carbon Economy’


Healthy soil that absorbs carbon and is productive could be achieved to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Dailycsr.com – 31 August 2017 – The practices of modern agriculture are pushing to “capture carbon”.
It has been quite a long time since the scientists as well as agronomists are examining the “carbon sequestering properties of healthy soil”. Now they are starting to have an understanding of the “intricacies of practices” which could be an instrument in restoring the productivity of a soil.
Among others, these practices involves stopping “till farming”, “planting cover crops”, as the latter can promote the soils’ capacity to “absorb and hold carbon”. In fact, the plan of the U.S. to transition into low carbon economy also turns to a “3-pronged strategy” that bring down 80% emission of greenhouse gases and at the same time accelerate “job-creating innovation”.
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