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Sustainable Approach To Tequila Production


With the growing demand, it is imperative to match the production with “negative environmental implications”.

Dailycsr.com – 11 August, 2019 – Ali Wunderman informed that resources drawn from plants seem to be in abundance till one day the depleting vegetation comes in front as a reality. Tequila is also one such item that comes from the “agave plant”, to be more precise from the blue agave; therefore for Bacardi Limited it is crucial to maintain its stock for ensuring “plentiful supply in future”.
However, these crops cannot be maintained without paying attention to various sustainable components such as the usage of energy, repurposing and taking care of waste materials. Patrón Tequila sees this situation as a means to overhaul the existing structure and to become more “environment friendly”. The production director at Patrón, Antonio Rodriguez said:
“Over the past few years, we’ve taken important, industry-leading steps to limit the environmental impact of our tequila production.”
Keeping sustainability at mind has been a signature of the company reports Rodrigues, as he added:
“Being able to produce more tequila without negative environmental implications has always been in the Patrón DNA”.
Nevertheless, the popularity of tequila has seen a rise whereby the growing “waste technology” was yet another reason for optimizing the system. For further information in this endeavour to sustainability in the tequila industry, kindly click on the link provided below: