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Sustainable Airport Industry Partnership: Avports and Baker Hughes


Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in partnership with Avports, an airport management and operations company. The purpose of this collaboration is to create, implement, and manage on-site microgrid solutions for the airport industry. This cooperative agreement aims to combat emissions and align with the global industry's aspiration to achieve zero-emission structures, enhance horizontal airport infrastructure, and promote eco-friendly vehicles and aircraft systems.
Avports, which specializes in managing airport facilities, concentrates its efforts on fostering airport innovation and sustainability initiatives. This includes ensuring power reliability and utilizing sustainable energy solutions like green hydrogen. Baker Hughes, with its comprehensive energy technology portfolio, which encompasses hydrogen-ready turbines and heat recovery solutions well-suited for microgrid applications, will play a pivotal role in expediting the adoption and customization of microgrids to meet the unique requirements of each airport they serve.
"Baker Hughes' commitment to emissions reductions has allowed us to develop and successfully deploy low-carbon and hydrogen technologies to advance the energy transition in many industries," said Bob Perez, vice president of Project Development at Baker Hughes.
"The opportunity to bring these solutions to airports, in collaboration with Avports' proven track record in airport management, is very promising as the increasing needs and demands of these infrastructures must be more resilient, efficient and cost-effective."
Avports and Baker Hughes are jointly dedicated to fostering a more sustainable airport industry, one that will deliver optimum benefits to airport proprietors, users, and local communities.
"Providing a technical and economic roadmap to airports to meet their energy needs of the future is key as an airport management and operations company," said Jorge Roberts, CEO of Avports. "Our partnership with Baker Hughes brings world-class technology and know-how together with our ability to support airport customers to realize these solutions at their facility."