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Sustainability ‘Embedded’ Core Strategy


Fujitsu bags the winner’s place at BITC annual awards, whereby impressing the jury members.

Dailycsr.com – 01 June 2016 – Fujitsu is a ICT business in Japan, which has been deemed the “the most responsible business” by the BITC’s annual awards, whereby the judges are full of praise about Fujitsu’s sustainable approach, “embedded into its core strategy”, towards involving others in order to create and collaborate towards a “long-term sustainable change”.
The company’s fifty percent “budget holders” of UK are women, whereby the payments were also fifty percent more than the mentioned amount of “national minimum wage”, while on the energy footprint subject, Fujitsu runs its data centres entirely on “clean energy”. These are the practices which sets Fujitsu apart from its peer for it is “on a mission to not only challenge industry norms, but to create technology that is a force for good”.
In an attempt to demonstrate that responsible business approach ushers “profit and success”, the company was invested “$2.1bn” into its research and development division for coming up with innovative solution that would take care of “some of the world’s biggest challenges”:
  • Dealing with pollution
  • Monitoring health issues for ensuring longevity
When asked “What does it mean to be a responsible business in 2016”, Juliet Silvester replied:
“We talk about winning the right way. We are a business and we’re here to make a profit. But equally, we want to win in the right way, in a responsible manner. So, we want responsibility to be at the heart of everything we do”.
Talking about the eighty year old commitment of Fujitsu towards society and environment, Silvester adds”
“We call it The Fujitsu Way – an ethos that considers how we contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet, and how can we use IT to create a human-centric intelligent society, which remembers that people are at the heart of it”.
Fujitsu’s CSR spectrum ranges from dealing with unemployment of the youth, “dementia-friendly financial services” to giving out job opportunities to “SMEs” and tackling the “Ebola crisis”. Therefore, in Silvester’s words, for determining the most import CSR task, Fujitsu focuses:
“...on the mega trends– where the world is going to be in 2050 with an ageing population, with the impact on healthcare, and when resources becomes scarcer”.
Furthermore, Silvester also reveals the secret behind embedding such values into the core system of Fujitsu:
“It’s a mixture of things. It’s about having strong leadership. When our chairman in Tokyo speaks about being a responsible business, people listen. We make it clear that this is what we believe in, we are not just paying it lip service.
“The millennial generation is definitely asking more questions about our CSR when applying for jobs with us”.