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Supporting Women Drives Sustainable Growth


Lily’s journey forms part of Gildan’s women empowerment initiative.

Dailycsr.com – 28 March 2020 – Lily Akter started working with Gildan Activewear as a “Quality Inspector” in 2010. Since then, she has covered more ground in her career as she is currently holding the position of “Quality Assurance Coordinator”. Lily has shared her experience with one “professional development” programme of Gildan which has impacted her. Additionally, she also highlights the need for women development in Bangladesh.
In her words:
“At Gildan, I was able to participate in an amazing development program with about 10 other women, where I gained skills to help me flourish in my role. Now, I have more confidence at work because I have the tools to excel as a professional in my field.
“In my experience, it isn’t as common for women to have access to professional development opportunities in Bangladesh, but Gildan maintains a culture where this is possible. When I see Gildan providing opportunities like these to women like myself, it makes me feel both inspired and motivated in my career”.
According to Lily, taking initiative to create “opportunities for women in workplace” is an important step especially in the developing societies. Aiming to achieve gender-equality has become “a moral imperative for societies”. While, promoting women in their work place, especially in Bangladesh helps in “reducing gender-based discrimination”. She further added:
“When women are supported, we as a society can drive sustainable growth and support better living standards for all.”