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Suncor celebrates Black History month


Suncor celebrates Black History month
We honor the past while inspiring the future—this is the theme for Suncor Black History Month and the sentiment we will carry throughout the year and beyond.

“Understanding the context of the history of the Black community, built on a foundation of struggles, achievements and perseverance, allows for a future of deeper understanding on the challenges we face today in this industry, Canada and the world,” said Stephen Muinda, Mosaic’s co-chair.

Honour the past
Mosaic, Suncor's Black employee network, has celebrated its official launch over the past two years by facilitating difficult but necessary conversations to help surface and acknowledge how one's background, personal experiences, and societal stereotypes can help address individual unconscious bias.

Mosaic strives to support its members as they navigate a difficult history of injustice, while also celebrating their accomplishments and contributions and looking forward. They've also expanded their mentorship programme.

“Anyone can benefit from a mentor despite their age, gender or race,” said Stephen while adding “There’s always room to build your skills, and this mentorship program provides development opportunities for network members as we all work towards removing barriers and bias. It will help us navigate our careers when new opportunities arise.”

The mentorship program, which began in February 2021, has increased professional development opportunities and improved how Suncor's Black employees experience their career progression, all while enabling the creation of a more inclusive workplace.

“What impressed me the most about the program was the mentor-to-mentor relationship that developed,” said Andrew Boutilier, Director, Maintenance - Support Services and a mentor for the program.

“At certain points along the way you realize that the roles have reversed – now you’re the one learning new skills, focusing on listening to understand and coming out of it with a completely different perspective.”

Inspiration for the future
Suncor's inclusion and diversity journey continues to be critical to increasing engagement, decreasing turnover, increasing profitability, and promoting psychological safety.

Mosaic and Suncor's other seven employee inclusion networks are resources for members and allies to learn and grow, as well as for our leaders to create safe environments for their teams to thrive. Mosaic will continue to collaborate with other networks and external employee resource groups, such as Blacks at Microsoft and Calgary Black Chambers, in order to broaden our identity as a resource group for Black employees and People of Color.

“I’m really proud of how Mosaic has been able to amplify the voices of the Black community and accentuate opportunities for its members. Employee networks help us recognize the benefits diversity can bring and expose blind spots.”, said Dennis Banks, Senior Vice President Operations Services and executive sponsor of Mosaic.

“Suncor’s participation and support of Black History Month honours the legacy, accomplishments and struggles of Black people and contributes to a more inclusive future.”