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Successful Partnership Is The Hidden Key To Success


Discover the methods that will create successful partnerships.

Dailycsr.com – 27 September 2016 – In order to achieve sustainability goals, one needs to recognise the essential requirement of partnerships and collaborations. While collaboration is essential, collaborating with competitors, governments or NGO’s can be a tough job. However, getting it right can hold the key to a helpful boost for a business, “more importantly” for the industry, as it can bring about “that bigger overall change”.
In an attempt to help various business organisations to follow a “successful partnership strategy”, the Ethical Corporation is bringing together “senior leaders” who will be sharing their experiences through a webinar on the 4th of October 2016, at “11am EST / 4pm BST”.
Here are the names of the panel members:
  • Mark Robertson – Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations at ICTI Care,
  • Barbara Crowther – Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Fairtrade Foundation,
  • Krina Amin – Head of Strategy at Ethical Corporation
Below is a list of points that will be discussed by the experts, as mentioned by Ethical performance:
  • How to gauge the potential of a partnership, the appetite from 3rd parties and their ability to deliver in-line with your goals and timeframes
  • How successful partnerships work in practice, and what the results are
  • How US partnership strategies compare to their European counterparts
  • How to manage NGO expectations