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Students Embark On World Expedition With National Geographic


The students of middle school get the unique chance to be at the helm of world expedition.

Dailycsr.com – 19 July 2016 – National Geographic, the “legendary institution” that has been at the frontier of scientific discoveries for over one and half century, gives the middle school students an unique opportunity to spend their summer with the expedition team of National Geographic.
The said “Student Expeditions program” organised by National Geographic will provide unique “educational travel experiences” for students across the globe, wherein budding scientists, photographers and writers can take part. Moreover, National Geographic also offers scholarships, whereby students completing “6th through 12th grades” can participate in “two dozen free expeditions this summer”. In the words of National Geographic Expeditions’ director of programming Ford Cochran:
"On our student expeditions, we're teaching a number of discrete skills--filming, photography, science, climate change, history, whatever the focus might be--but also, we're teaching self-confidence. We're trying to give students the sense that what they have to say matters and by the end of the few weeks that we have with them in the field, they leave as leaders."
Every expedition thus organised for the students is lead by an experienced researcher or an explorer, as selected by National Geographic from its “vast” global pool talent. The duration of such trips ranging from between twelve day to twenty one days, whereby most itineraries revolve around “wildlife conservation and archaeology”. However, many trips incorporate “a service component” for the students get to “tutor English, work on a small-scale construction project, or support a local conservation effort”. Sam M, who recently took off for an Iceland expedition, said:
"This trip is amazing; it's the best thing that's ever happened in my life so far. It gives an opportunity to kids like me to explore their interests further and just seeing that is different than anything I could ever read in a textbook."
While, Cochran added:
"It's also about meeting all sorts of different kinds of people from all sorts of different kinds of backgrounds. And that's not just about the people in country that we go and meet. It's about the diversity of the students that we include in the program. They're learning from one another and setting examples--becoming role models for each other."