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Stanley Black & Decker Bags Prestigious ‘2019 Citizens Awards'


“Stanley Black & Decker embodies all that it means to be a Corporate Steward in 2019”, the senior VP of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Stanley Black & Decker Bags Prestigious ‘2019 Citizens Awards'
Dailycsr.com – 19 November 2019 – The “Stanley Black & Decker Best Corporate Steward” has been named by the “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation” for its “2019 Citizens Awards”, which is celebrating twenty years of this “annual awards” programme’s existence. The journey of this award has been to recognise “the most innovative and impactful corporate citizenship initiatives” that push the bar higher for social responsibilities besides pioneering a “strong, healthy and sustainable future”.
The President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of “Stanley Black & Decker”, Jim Loree said:
“On behalf of Stanley Black & Decker’s 60,000 employees, I am proud and humbled by this prestigious recognition of our efforts. In late 2016, we set out to elevate our commitment to corporate social responsibility, by first defining our CSR strategy and then activating our purpose – ‘For Those Who Make The World.’ I believe that business has a responsibility to be a force for good for our employees, our customers, our communities and society in general. While we still have more work to do, we are making meaningful progress as an organization.”
Stanley Black & Decker has aligned its CSR goals with that of SDGs keeping the focus on “three key pillars”, namely “empowering makers, innovating with purpose and creating a more sustainable world”. The plan so far is to empower ten million makers and creators by 2030, to bring in innovation in the company’s products, to uplift the lives of five hundred million people, and to achieve carbon positivity in “its global operations”.
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In the words of the Senior Vice-President of the U.S. Chamber Foundation, Marc Decourcey:
“Stanley Black & Decker embodies all that it means to be a Corporate Steward in 2019. We’re excited to recognize the vision of their 2030 CSR Strategy and their achievements with the program so far. The company’s focus on three pillars – people, product, and planet – ensures Stanley’s ongoing positive impact by empowering the makers and creators of the world while building toward a more sustainable future.”
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