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‘Sports Gives Hope’ Even In ‘Unprecedent Times’


Know what the IOC president said in his video message addressing the ongoing coronavirus outbreak crisis.

Dailycsr.com – 16 April 2020 – On the World Health Day 2020, the International Olympic Committee dedicates its tribute towards the heroes fighting at the front he COVID-19 pandemic on a day to day basis.
Likewise, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach gave out a video message which expressed gratitude for all the “doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and volunteers” out there who are working daily to save lives, helping and supporting the ones that need medical assistance and treating them in turn to cure them.
You can watch the above mentioned video as the IOC president Bach thanks the warriors battling the coronavirus outbreak by clicking on the link given below:
In the said message, the IOC president takes the names of many athletes who are contributors in the “tireless effort”. In Bach’s words:
“Many members of the Olympic community and many Olympic athletes are part of your teams. They are working in hospitals and healthcare facilities. So even in these unprecedented times, sport gives hope”.
When the world is facing uncertainty and practicing social distancing, staying healthy and active is proving to be an important aspect of life. Therefore, everyone has been invited to be a part of the movement so as to “#StayStrong, #StayHealthy, #StayActive, #BeActive, #HealthyAtHome”.