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SoloProtect Updates As Per The Latest Industry Code For Lone Worker Services


NSI approves SoloProtect’s recent update to be in line with the industry code.

Dailycsr.com – 26 November 2016 – Leading the way among the solution provider who specialises in love workers, SoloProtect has been audited and has been approved by the “National Security Inspectorate” as per the requirements of the BS 8484’s undated version.
In the month of August 2016, the “industry’s code of practice for lone worker services” issued its latest version called “BS 8484:2016”.
SoloProtect is based out of Sheffield which is a proud manufacturer of the “Identicom lone worker device” for the U.K. The company manages the clients for its lone worker’s device through the “only lone worker dedicated”, alarm “receiving centre” found in the country, “EN 50518”.