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SoloProtect Joins The Pledge To Promote Safe Alcohol Consumption Among Students


From protecting lone workers to joining in philanthropic venture of its partner, SoloProtect never backs down.

Dailycsr.com- 27 October 2017 – The Unite Students, who provides accommodation to students, and SoloProtect has joined hand in a partnership for promoting “safer nights out during this year’s Freshers’ Week”.
It has been over eight long years that SoloProtect ID has been providing protection to the workforce of the Unite Students through its “lone worker device”.
This year the Unite Students has taken up the campaign of working with Drinkware, a charity that raising awareness on the issue of drinking, whereby the former is promoting “healthy attitudes towards safe consumption of alcohol”. In order to do so, it is giving out “practical tips and advice” for identifying signs and dealing with “alcohol poising”.
In the above mentioned endeavour, SoloProtect came in front to support and sponsored “bottles of water to university freshers” as a mark of “safer drinking” promotion.