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Sofidel Sponsors Green Cinema at Lucca Film Festival 2023: Submit Your Short Films Now!


The Lucca Film Festival is embracing sustainability, with Sofidel, a renowned Tuscan company specializing in paper production for hygienic and domestic use, particularly known for its Regina brand, becoming a sponsor for the 2023 Festival. Sofidel is supporting the first edition of Lucca Film Festival for Future, a competition dedicated to short films centered around green issues and environmental protection. The event will be part of the larger Lucca Film Festival (LFF), scheduled to take place in Lucca from September 23 to October 1.
Film directors and makers from both Italy and abroad are invited to submit their works until Friday, July 28, 2023. Submissions can be made by providing a video link to future@luccafilmfestival.it or registering on the Filmfreeway and Festhome platforms. Eligible films must be no longer than 29 minutes, have their first showing in Italy, and must have been produced after 2021. Out of the entries received, 15 films will be selected from all around the world to be screened during the festival and compete for various awards. The selection aims to showcase innovative and captivating approaches to storytelling, including narrative, documentary, and interactive formats.
Sofidel has strategically integrated sustainability into its industrial development policies, making it a core element of its growth. As part of this commitment, the company seeks to promote sustainability culture through educational projects, particularly targeting the younger generation. And now, with its involvement in the Lucca Film Festival for Future competition, Sofidel aims to convey the message of environmental enhancement and protection through the medium of cinema.
Elena Faccio, Group Creative & Communication Director at Sofidel, expresses the company's pride in participating in the event dedicated to green cinema. Having championed sustainability for over 15 years, Sofidel believes that this theme can be effectively communicated through various artistic expressions. Presenting it through the medium of film enables them to reach new audiences and raise awareness about pressing issues that impact everyone.
Nicola Borelli, President of the Lucca Film Festival, emphasizes the importance of Sofidel's involvement in promoting environmental protection. The collaboration with other festivals in the "Film For Our Future" international network and the EURASF network further enhances the competition's reach and impact.
A jury comprised of representatives from the 10 festivals in the "Film For Our Future" network will evaluate the submitted works and announce the results by September 15, 2023. The winners will be revealed during the final evening of the festival on Saturday, September 30, at the Astra cinema in Lucca. The top prize of €1,000 will be awarded.
Throughout the festival week, the selected competition films will be screened in the morning for schools and in the afternoon and evening for the public. Additionally, the short films will be available for free on-demand viewing on the dedicated page of the Festival Scope portal. The aim is to involve and engage as many people as possible in the message of environmental awareness and sustainable practices, believing that individual efforts, no matter how small, collectively contribute to making a significant difference.
To know more on how to submit your short film click here.