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Sodexo Employees Join Local Youths To Host Dinners For Alleviating Hunger And Spreading Awareness About Hunger Risk


Sodexo attempts to find solutions to address the issue of the students battling hunger against their education cost.

Dailycsr.com – 28 January 2017 – Sodexo is a “world leader” in providing “Quality of Life services”, whereby its employees along with the “interns from Urban Roots support local youth efforts” gathered at the “University of Texas” to arrange “a Hunger Outreach Dinner”, wherein they provided “hot meals to members of the Austin community”.
On the 21st of January 2017, The Giving Garden’s Ian McKenna hosted the first of “Katie’s Krops dinner” organised by him which took place at “El Buen Samaritano Mission”. The Katie’s Krops is an “anti-hunger” non-profit run by youth and was started by Katie Stagliano, who grew and donated “a 40-pound cabbage” as its first donation.
At present, Katie inspires youths for growing “their own food” and donating the same to the people at “risk of hunger”. Ian’s contribution is the result of one such endeavour. Evern since Ian began The Giving Garden, a total of seven hundred fifty pounds of food was grown. Katie and Ian, both got the recognition of “Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholars” for their positive impact in the community in the field of alleviating hunger.
The Chief Executive Officer of “Universities East for Sodexo North America”, Jim Jenkins, took part as a volunteer in the “Hunger Outreach Dinner”. Jenkins’ list of responsibilities incorporates “educating community members, clients, and Sodexo employees about hunger and food insecurity among college students”. In his words:
“Too many college students have to choose between food and educational expenses – as many as 25 percent of them according to a recent report. Sodexo is working with its partners to address the issue and find workable solutions to combat the reality facing many students today. The dinner created dialogue about the issue of food insecurity, which is unfortunately prevalent among today’s college student population.”
While Ethical Performance reports that:
“Sodexo delivers more than 100 services across North America that enhance organizational performance, contribute to local communities and improve quality of life. The Fortune Global 500 company is a leader in delivering sustainable, integrated facilities management and foodservice operations”.