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Socorro Bebidas Launches Flavored Mineral Water in CrownSleek Cans


Socorro Bebidas, a Brazilian beverage producer, has extended its collaboration with Crown Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A., a subsidiary of Crown Holdings, Inc., to launch Acquíssima Sabor flavored mineral water in 350ml CrownSleek cans. The premium zero-calorie drink is made with natural aromas and provides a healthy alternative for consumers to stay hydrated and incorporate essential nutrients into their daily diets.

The line was introduced with two flavors, Lychee and Green Apple, and is now available in Acquíssima stores, restaurants, and supermarkets throughout Brazil. Socorro previously used CrownSleek cans to package its Acquíssima mineral water brand, its first foray into the water market.

Between 2021 and 2022, the total volume of canned water in Brazil increased by nearly 7x, indicating a growing trend in the region for water packaged in aluminum and a continued shift away from tap and bulk water. When deciding on the package format for the brand, Socorro knew it needed to convey the refreshing and health-conscious nature of the beverage while also delivering on sustainability.

Metal packaging’s inherent properties, such as providing a powerful barrier against light and oxygen, help maintain the product’s freshness. Aluminum beverage cans are infinitely recyclable and are the most recycled beverage package globally. These characteristics resonate with Brazilian consumers, who have recently helped drive the country’s recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans to an astounding 100%.

"We are proud to continue our work with Crown as we launch the newest addition to the Acquíssima portfolio," said Maurício Cruz, Commercial Director of Socorro. 

"We created the Acquíssima Sabor line to give Brazilian consumers a healthy, delicious beverage alternative. It demanded packaging that would help convey the uniqueness of the brand, its refreshing appeal and our commitment to sustainability. Ultimately, the beverage can was the perfect choice." 

"Crown is thrilled to support Socorro's rapidly expanding portfolio of products in beverage cans," said Altair Frulane, Commercial Director of Crown.

"Beverage cans meet consumer needs in ways that no other packaging format can. For example, metal packaging is lightweight and convenient to carry, serve from and enjoy. It is durable, protecting the product within and maintaining its freshness. In addition, and critical to modern consumers, is the fact that cans are extremely sustainable and represent packaging they can feel good about." 

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