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‘Soap for Hope’ Sets A New Norm Of Sustainability In Hotel Business Sector


Discarded soaps turn hospitality management into social welfare.

Dailycsr.com – 14 June 2016 – In the hotel business field of sustainable and responsible approach towards the society, the “Sealed Air’s soap recycling and repurposing program” has attained a “key” role. In first glance the programme might appear to be “a simple effort to reduce guest waste”, while a closer look at the same will reveal the life changing element the project possesses just by saving the soap which otherwise would have been discarded.
The “Soap for Hope” programme can be joined by any hotels who are “customers of Sealed Air’s Diversey Care”. The Sealed Air teams collect “the discarded soap” from all the hotels committed to this programme. After the collection, “local community residents are trained in turning the soap into “new” bars which can then be distributed locally”, whereby creating an immeasurable impact on the local communities. Likewise, the local community develops a skill, improves “hand hygiene” and reduces disease in the long run.
In fact, the effect of the said soap recycling programme earns “partner hotels” recognition in their contribution towards the attempt of “waste reduction and sustainability practices”. Ethicalperformance enumerates several “several notable awards” attributed to the participant hotels of the “Soap For Hope program”:
“The Green Hotelier 2016 Award for Middle East & Africa was presented to Soap for Hope™ partner hotel Yassat Gloria Hotel & Apartments in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since joining in August 2015, Yassat Gloria Hotel & Apartments have diverted 5.21 tons of soap from local landfills. This soap has created more than 43,000 bars of soap, serving almost 3,000 people”.
While, the Green Hotelier awards states:
“This hotel stood out for the impressive impacts it has made since beginning its sustainability journey just three years ago. It scored highly in every category with investments to reduce energy, water and waste. It participates in the Soap for Hope™ programme recycling partially used bathroom amenities, as well as a local can collection programme that plants trees, whilst offsetting carbon and doing neighbourhood clean-ups.”
Other hotels who have also received recognition as part of the Soap for Hope endeavour are:
  • Mövenpick Jumeirah – Green Globe Ackowledgement
  • Jumeirah at Eithad Towers – Green Globe Ackowledgement
  • Pan Pacific Singapore – Singapore Green Hotel Award 2015
  • Hilton Opera Hanoi – The American Chamber of Commerce Vietnam Recognition
  • Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi – The American Chamber of Commerce Vietnam Recognition