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Smart Home Equipments Worth “$50,000” Donation Given by Vivint To Autism Speak


Sixteen parents of children with autism disorder are to receive Vivint smart home devices through Autism Speaks.

Dailycsr.com – 27 August 2015 – The leading smart home technology provider, Vivint is to donate a sum of “$50,000” to families who have autistic children. The grant and has been exclusively issued for the “security and smart home products”. Moreover, the company is also one of the official members of Autism Speaks’ “corporate safety sponsor”. The latter is a leading “science and advocacy organization” on autism on global scale. The donation awarded by Vivint form part of a pledge taken by the company to contribute a sum of “$300,000” over a period of three years dedicating the support in encouragement of “technology and home safety research”.

BusinessWire informs:
“As experts in smart home technology, Vivint is excited to bring the benefits of our technology to deserving families”
The donation received from Vivint for “security and smart home systems” will distributed to sixteen families with autistic children, who were selected by Autism Speaks. The recipient families form part of the “active volunteers” of the organization, whereby they also have an autistic child and are in need of financial support. Most autistic kinds can wander off from their houses as they mostly engrossed in themselves, which can pose a great risk of losing them.
With the help of Vivint technology, the family members of autistic children can have their peace mind whereby “significantly” reducing the risk of such children “wandering away from home”. Mostly, fifty percent of autism victims having “autism spectrum disorder” have the tendency of walking away from the safety of their environment which is “a rate nearly four times higher than unaffected siblings”. As per a research conducted through “Interactive Autism Network” the parents of autistic kids said tendency of wandering is “one of the most stressful ASD behaviours”.
The smart home system of Vivint will be alerting the parents if any “specific door” of the house opens or has been left open. It will enable the family’s to immediate locate the child by providing guidance to “right direction”. Stopping the autistic child within the first few minutes of his departure of the house is easy and life saving in turn. Moreover, the smart home devices will allow the parents to “monitor their homes” through their smart phones while they are “away” from home.

The director of “Vivint Gives Back”, Holly Mero-Bench informs:
“As experts in smart home technology, Vivint is excited to bring the benefits of our technology to deserving families. Vivint believes that home is one place where families should not have to worry about the safety of their children.”
The company of Vivint will also perform free installation of all the Vivint smart home systems which are worth over “$3,000” each, whereby the set includes:
“...Vivint SkyControl panel, automatic door lock, door and window sensors, motion detector, indoor cameras, doorbell camera, smoke detector and 24 months of free monitoring, after which families can continue with a special Vivint Gives Back rate”.
The Autism Speaks executive vice-president, Lisa Goring expresses her gratitude on behalf of the organisation:
“We are grateful to Vivint for its commitment to the autism community. Safety is a priority for all parents, but for parents of children with autism, it is a critical concern. Innovative technology can help to keep children with autism safe in their own homes.”