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Smart Cities Innovation Summit Provides A Glimpse Into A Future Cityscape


The summit organised by AT&T delved with various issues that help us to build smart cities in a better future.

Dailycsr.com – 27 July 2016 – The Smart Cities Innovation Summit organised by AT&T in Austin features booths that provided a glimpse and virtual ride into “a city of the future” which has a “beautiful Tron-like cityscape”, wherein after “checking out a sensor report from smart light post” one can catch a “self-driving car” and zip into “cybersecurity headquarters”.
The Global City Teams Challenge along with the “US Ignite Application Summit” was co-located with the Smart Cities Innovation Summit, wherein “an exciting roster” of panellists, attendees and rosters were present to focus on “making smart cities a reality”. The event was also attended by various representatives of over two hundred cities from all over the world, while there were also “technologists large and small, NGOs, VCs, academics and futurists”.
The event sought to define “what exactly a smart city is”, “what technologies are available”, how can stakeholders get together to realise it, while everything pointed towards one single motive of “How can we build a better tomorrow?”
Among other questions that were explored at the summit are:
“How we can improve the quality of life for the citizens of our cities? How can we make the air we breathe or the water we drink cleaner? How can we make the streets and roadways safer, or the infrastructure stronger and more resilient?”
AT&T has taken the initiative to address the above mentioned issues through its “Smart Cities framework”, whereby the company is bringing “spotlight cities” which puts together “secure connectivity, strategic alliances, platforms and integrated vertical solutions”.