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Skurdahl Appointed As Black & Veatch’s VP & Director For Solar Energy


Building on its renewables expertise further positions the company’s solar business for continued investment and growth.

Dailycsr.com – 12 September 2020 – On August 31, 2020, Black & Veatch made an announcement whereby revealing the name of its “Senior Vice President and Director of Solar Energy”, a status within its power business which is growing rapidly given to Paul Skurdahl.
Skurdahl has had over thirty-five years of experience in the power sector while in that he spent more than fifteen years in the renewable industry. The new senior vice-president and director of Solar Energy comes aboard of Black & Veatch as the company is “growing investment in renewable energy generation” for the power sector is currently turning to “clean, affordable energy options” in an attempt to strike a balance between the maximum “reliability and resilience” while cutting down on carbon footprint.
The global energy portfolio has diversified wherein the solar power is playing more and more role, while it grew by 23% last year in the U.S. market which brought it to almost 40% of “all new electrical capacity added that year”. And Black & Veatch had taken up a key role in addressing the demand growth. According to the press release of the company:
“Skurdahl brings deep expertise and EPC experience working across the renewables space, including all phases of development, engineering and construction. His experience with power purchase agreements (PPAs), interconnect and partner agreements, and energy trading provide a unique client/market perspective that will complement and expand Black & Veatch’s ability to deliver a wide range of innovative renewable solutions”.
In the words of the President of Power Business at Black & Veatch, Mario Azar:
“The influx of renewable energy is playing a key role in the diverse generation portfolio needed to meet the world’s power demand. Clients are increasingly looking for a solutions provider who can offer a cohesive yet flexible range of technologies and services, and guide and execute renewable projects from development through deployment.”