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Skills & Training To Bridge A Gapping Employment Wound


Village Capital launches a programme to reduce ‘skill gap’.

Dailycsr.com – 01 July 2016 – On the 16th of June 2016, the Village Capital in a partnership with AT&T has made an announcement, revealing the entire list of entrepreneurs who are taking part in Village Capital’s “Education: US 2016”.
Education: US 2016 is programme that has ventured into developing a support system for the “early-stage entrepreneurs”, whereby closing their “skills gap” that bridges education to employment. The said “flagship program” is a hub to connect policymakers, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and investors, so that all together they can provide some solutions to “major problems”.
Through the unique “peer-selected investment” process, wherein two companies who will receive the “highest” ranking by their peers, will be awarded a sum of “$75,000 each” at the end of the programme. Statistics show that by the year of 2020, as many as sixty five percent of the U.S. jobs will have “Associate’s degree or some amount of post-secondary school training or certification” as eligibility requirement.
Nevertheless, as of now only one fourth of the high school graduates are academically eligible to enter college, while only fifty percent of the college graduates are “workforce ready”. The said gap is the results from a lack of necessary “skills and training” required to secure jobs that prove “progressively higher wages and incomes”. Village Capital’s head of education, Nasir Qadree stated:
“Education is the passport to a high-paying job, but too many students lack the academic resources and opportunities to position them for success. The 12 entrepreneurs in our Education US 2016 cohort represent the top early-stage ventures today tackling academic success and career-readiness. We’re excited to connect them with the mentors and resources they need to scale their ideas.”
Entrepreneurs who address technically similar “critical issues” will find a supporting hand from the “Education: US 2016 program”, whereby the entrepreneurs will be exposed to “business development training”, besides financial and other development training, such as sales pipeline, pitch and so on. While, the Social Innovation’s Director at AT&T, Anne Wintroub adds:
“We need to bridge the skills gap and build a diverse talent pipeline for the jobs of today and the future. These entrepreneurs are doing innovative work to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in the workplace, and I’m excited to see what they accomplish in this program”.
Here is a list of twelve start-up firms who are joining the above mentioned programme:
  • Centric Learning HERO
  • College Ease
  • Comprendio
  • Couragion
  • Education Modified
  • LaborX
  • Nepris
  • Pairin
  • Paragon One
  • Skill Scout
  • Story2
  • Yenko