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Single Parent Advocate Receives School Supply Donation


The donation received by the Single Parent Advocate organisation from the Pillar Income Asset Movement and the investors of Transcontinental Realty, will help families in need.

Dailycsr.com – 24 August 2015 – The Single Parent Advocate organisation, based at Dallas, Texas, received donation through the “Back to School” joint scheme of Transcontinental Realty Investors and the Pillar Income Asset Management. The duo has released the grant through their annual scheme for the second time now.
The donation also came from the employees’ side, whereby they offered more than two hundred “school supply items and backpacks”. This was their gesture to participate in responsive movement wherein the organisation had arranged for “annual backpack giveaway”. The Vice President Chris Childress added that:

“Our employees came through again this year. We collected a ton of supplies, several monetary donations, and many of us volunteered to organize items for distribution.”
In order to meet the “donation needs”, the organisation of Single Parent Advocate had to get more that “one hundred 3 ring binders”. At this point, Gene E. Phillips intervened with a generous donation by buying “all 135 binders needed to complete the backpacks”. He also commented, saying:
“A special thank you to Don Weslowski with Regency Office and Promotional Products for giving me such a great deal on the 3 ring binders,” commented Mr. Phillips.
The executive Director of Single Parent Advocate, Chris Bunkoff stated while receiving the donation:
“I want to thank you for getting on board with our effort to bless kids from single parent homes. I appreciate your care for these families. We are so very grateful for your donation of the use of your 2010 Valley View Lane property again this year. This gave our volunteers a large safe air conditioned space to stuff backpacks and use as a distribution center.”
BusinessWire writes that Single Parent is a “non-profit organization” which has made iots commitments towards single parents and their children to provide support in “educating, equipping and empowering single parents with resources, practical assistance, emotional encouragement and social networking to better their lives”. Moreover, there is a growing inflow of volunteers who work passionate yet selflessly to help such families.
Furthermore, while talking about Transcontinental Realty Investors, BusinessWire informs that they emphasise
“...on creating greater shareholder value through acquisition, financing, operation, developing, and sale of real estate across every geographic region in the United States.”
It is a stock exchange company that is based at New York City which is traded under the emblem of "TCI". The source of revenue generated by the company involves management of warehouses, office buildings, apartments along with retail centres that are "undervalued" or "underperforming" when they are being acquired. Under the ownership of Transcontinental, values are attributed to the above mentioned properties as they are improved in their physical appearances along with their management system. In fact, the company also ventures into the developments of new properties that it acquires by turning them into “luxury apartment homes”.
BusinessWire informs that:
“Pillar Income Asset Management, Inc. is a Dallas-based real estate management company, which develops and manages in excess of $2.5 billion of real estate for public and private real estate entities.”
Source: www.BusinessWire.com