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‘Significant Strides’ Of ‘Bristol-Myers Squibb’ To Mitigate Its Environmental Impact


Encouraging electric vehicles and planting trees in a large number keeps the environment relatively cleaner.

Dailycsr.com – 26 April 2017 – The Company of Bristol-Myers Squibb gives a glimpse into its role in reducing environmental impact throughout the world, whereby it informs that it is “making significant strides”.
In the efforts of offsetting the “environmental impact” created by the company, in Germany, it planted around “55,000 trees”. The said number of tress can cover two Central Parks, in comparison to the number of tress available at present in the Central Park.
Moreover, in the of its sites of the United States, the company has put up charging stations for electric vehicles wherein employees as well as visitors are allowed to “conveniently charge their vehicles” while they remain busy with their respectively work.