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‘Sharing Beauty With All’ – A Responsible Approach Of L’Oréal


The year of 2015 marks a “milestone” year for L’Oréal in its sustainable aims.

Dailycsr.com – 28 April 2016 - L’Oréal has come up with its “sustainability program” report for the year of 2015, under the title of “Sharing Beauty With All” which enlists company’s “ambitious commitments” scheduled to be fulfilled by the year of 2020.
Among some of the “important” progresses made by the Group of L’Oréal are, as mentioned by Ethicalperformance:
  • 74% of L’Oréal products launched in 2015 have an improved environmental or social profile.
  • In 2015, several brands launched products with formulas offering a level of biodegradability between 97 and 99%, including Garnier Ultra Doux Mythical Olive body lotion, Kérastase Fusio-Dose Booster Discipline, Ushuaïa Hibiscus Bio deodorant, Armani Men Master Cleanser and Vichy After-Sun Shower Oil.
  • CO2 emissions of production decreased by 56% in absolute terms (vs -50.2% in 2014), despite a production increase of 26%, from a 2005 baseline.
  • 66.6% of L’Oréal’s brands evaluated the environmental or social profile of their products (vs 22% in 2014)
  • More than 60 600 people from underprivileged communities had access to work through a L’Oréal program.
In the words of the chief sustainability officer at L’Oréal, Alexandra Palt:
“The mobilization of all L’Oréal teams allowed us to roll out the Sharing Beauty with All program worldwide on a solid basis. We will now move to an acceleration phase to achieve our targets by 2020”.
The year of 2015 marked a “milestone” for the company in fighting “against climate change” as it has formed part in the “signing of a historic agreement at the COP 21”. L’Oréal recognises the urgent need of taking steps to transform “societies into low-carbon economies”.
The Group of L’Oreal made an announcement wherein it stated that the company was aiming to turn itself into a “carbon-balanced” company by the year of 2020. It has plans of generating “carbon gains through its sustainable sourcing projects” in proportion to the “amount of incompressible greenhouse gas emissions” that is produced as a result of L’Oreal’s “industrial activities”.
The report of Sharing Beauty With All was launched in the year of 2013 which gives the details of the value chains integrated into the operations of L’Oréal which bases itself on four main ideas:
  • Innovating sustainably, to reduce the environmental footprint of products and formulas;
  • Producing sustainably, to reduce the environmental footprint of plants and distribution centers;
  • Living sustainably, to empower consumers to make sustainable choices;
  • Developing sustainably, by sharing growth with internal and external stakeholders (communities, suppliers and employees);
The annual report of L’Oréal that gives a description of the progresses made by the company in “key performance” areas goes through a review and also faces a challenge of “a panel of independent international experts”.