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Shaping The ‘Beer PEFCR’


BIER works closely with PEFCR development for the beverage sector.

Dailycsr.com – 28 August 2018 – The PEFCRs or the “Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules” form the primary documents that provide rules and guidelines for “transparency on the environmental impact of consumer products”. Moreover, these often have a sway on the European Union’s policy decisions on environment besides influencing “consumer information”.
The European Commission has come out with the “latest PEFCRs” which is features on its website and covers PEFCRs whereby turning its focus on the beverage sector that includes “Beer, Wine, and Packed Water”.
BIER or the “Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable” members coming from world’s leading beverage companies worked in the research as well as in shaping the “Beer PEFCR” which has been released recently. The said report is a comprehensive one that deals with “how to calculate the environmental impact of a (packed) beer in an unambiguous way.”
In order to give technical inputs all through the process, BIER joined hands with “Brewers of Europe, Blonk Consultants, and the EU Pilot Project Team”. To learn more about the involvement of BIER in developing PEFCR, kindly click on the link provided below: