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Securikey Provides A ‘Low Cost’ System For Enhancing Key Security


Your security can just get tighter with Securikey’s closed loop system, which can be availed in different size and enable one to electronically monitor the usage of the keys.

Dailycsr.com – 09 September 2015 – The high range of extensive security provider, Securikey, who holds the leading supplier’s place among its peers, has now extended its functionalities. Likewise, the array of security vaults, key filing systems or locked cabinets will also offer now the “innovative closed loop feature” in all models that have steel door, while making it a standard norm.
One can definitely reply on the “closed loop system” of Securikey for providing a “low-cost” security arrangement to people while giving the power to them to control the “day-to-day keys” usage besides monitoring specific keys’ usage which fall under the “high importance” category. It is a simple system which saves one the trouble of getting into expensive and “complex high tech systems”. Moreover, one can monitor any keys between that of a spare car, safe vault to “master keys for blocks of flats” or “high value car keys”.
The loop systems are moulded on the back portion of the steel wall in each of “Securikey key cabinet” which are supplied with seals that are resistant towards tampering. In this way, the customers are free to “fasten selected keys in place” for which the keys “cannot be removed without detection”. However, the loops are designed to be accessed when the hook on the top bar gets removed within the cabinet and replace the same “to cover the sealed keys if desired to allow the full complement of hooks to be used”. Likewise, by keeping the high security keys out of sight, the level of additional security can be increased. The requirements of the Securikey key cabinet’s size determine the number of loops, which can start from being three in number to seven, in a twenty hook cabinet and hundred hook cabinet respectively.
The extensive range of Securikey’s cabinets is equipped to provide protection solutions related to keys which can “meet a diverse range of requirements”. Moreover, various “effective” management oriented features are also included in the system, wherein additional traits “index cards, key tabs, rings and numbers” are attached while together the entire system can provide “clear evidence” in case any removal or tampering takes place. The construction material involves “pressed and folded steel” which can have the flexibility of “locking options” as per the selected model, wherein traditional key locks will be replaced by a “range of electronic locks”.
Moreover, control system for high security keys are compulsorily tested and ensured that all go meet the highest standard which would be “reliable safeguarding against lost or stolen keys”. The Health and Safety reports:
“A 3mm steel body and 6mm slab door, mounted on concealed hinges, offer impressive resistance to attack, whilst meeting another practical need in the form of a powder coating for easy cleaning in a sterile environment.
“Also available are specialist key systems to suit specific applications, including cabinets that offer secure storage for both keys and personal belongings and are fitted with an electronic lock as standard”.