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Second Report In ‘Reporting Exchange’ Identifies Similarities In Sustainability Regulations


The new research report highlights a “widespread understanding” of a “good governance”.

Dailycsr.com – 31 March 2018 – The WBCSD in other words the “World Business Council for Sustainable Development” together with CDSB in other words the “Climate Disclosure Standards Board” have published their “second report” which forms a “part of a series” called “Insights from the Reporting Exchange”.
In the new report one gets a “closer” glimpse into the opportunities that lie for aligning into “sustainability reporting” while delving deeply into the requirements of “corporate governance” of sixty countries. The second one builds on the first report’s highlights on “further harmonization”.
According to WBCSD:
“As a positive sign, the research shows that there is already alignment across various reporting regulations on a global and regional scale, from environmental impact assessments, workplace accidents and illness to corporate governance codes. This is vital because convergence in global requirements is essential in developing good practices and ensuring comparability of information across jurisdictions”.
Moreover, the report also brings to light that fifty two countries out of the sixty involved in the “Report Exchange” have “corporate governance codes”, whereby demonstrating “some clear similarities”. The most striking similarities lie in areas which deal with “risk management and internal control, corporate leadership and remuneration, as well as dialogue with shareholders”, although accountability related subjects were “most inconsistently applied”.
While, WBCSD added:
“The global coverage of corporate governance codes appears to highlight a widespread understanding of the need for good governance for a prosperous economy and society”.